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Welcome to the Hen House Poultry experience.
We are very willing to impart the chicken keeping knowledge that we have to help you have a fantastic chicken keeping experience.
Serving Kent and the surrounding counties with quality Chickens.

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Special Announcement - We have Mendlesham Rangers available now for sale. 22 weeks old, fully vaccinated and £16 each. To arrange a collection of these please email henhousepoultry.@aol.com

There are a few other breeds available too.


The October batch of hens will be arriving very soon now, so if you were expecting hens from us in September and have not yet heard from us, we will be in touch imminently. 

If you are not yet on our waiting list and would like hens, we are now taking orders for the October batch.

To place an order please select the hens you would like from the 'chickens for sale page'. If you need any feed or feeders/drinkers, supplements, etc, please go to the 'Products' page and then email your order to us; but please note it will likely be October before we will be able to service your hen order, though we will do it sooner if possible. Thank you for your patience.

 Email address is: henhousepoultry@aol.com

Our address is: 'Eight Oaks', Headcorn Road, Sutton

Valence, Maidstone. ME17 3EL

Please contact us by email preferably.

07711 082133 or 01622 843649  

Here at 'Hen House Poultry' we are passionate about chickens. We keep and breed several types of chicken which are bred for vigour, hardiness and interesting colours. Bantams are also available in season:  Such as Wyandottes, Silkies and Pekins.


Hybrid Layers are available all year round - These are sold at point of lay and are bred for excellent egg production and friendliness too. They come fully vaccinated and in several different types. Egg colours include, Brown, White, Cream, Dark Brown and Blue/Green. Please see the 'Chickens for Sale page' for further details.  

Please note: We do not have card facilities and as cheque guarantee cards are no longer valid, we can at this time only accept cash or BACS payments.

We are open by appointment only. Please bring a suitable box or pet carrier when collecting hens.  

         Point of lay Pullets available to order for October

            Call 01622 843649

Here at 'Hen House Poultry' we pride ourselves on supplying quality pullets in many different colours, some of which lay blue/green and white eggs as well as various shades of brown.

We mainly cater for the small back garden keeper who want a few colourful hens for pets and eggs, but can also supply large quantities of brown pullets to smallholders, farmers and small to medium egg producers.

Proprietor - Ben Tompsett


We are now agents for Omlet and supply their Eglu Go's and Go Up's, as well as traditional British built wooden housing.


 I would like to thank all those who have purchased birds and arks over the years. It is meeting people such as Terri and Brian, Denise and John, Cate, Helen Barnes, Jo Curd, Cheri & Dave, Justine Oliver and so many others, that make this hobby so enjoyable and rewarding!

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